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Everyone's Talking about A.I.

Here's How A.I. Can Benefit Your Local Business

We Help Local Business Profit With A.I. Assisted Systems,

Your Virtual Receptionist

Right now almost everyone is talking about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and what A.I. can do.
But what does this mean for your local business?

How can A.I. help the local plumber, painter, florist or Physio?

A.I. Virtual Receptionist For Your Local Business

What if we could help you never miss another call?  

Communicate with a customer while they're on your website?  

Book more appointments - without you making the calls?  

An automated system to help get more 5-star reviews?  

Or build a Google Business Profile page that works for your
business 24/7/365 (& a quarter)?  

We believe every local business deserves more help - Click
the button below - it's the next step for your local business...

See For Yourself How Missed Call Text Back Works

Has your business ever missed an incoming call?

Missed Call Text Back

If you ask a local business 'Do you ever miss incoming calls, and if you do miss calls what is it costing your business?' they usually can't tell you - because they don't know the answer to that question.

Here's what we do know - backed by research - if you miss a call & don't get back to the customer within five minutes (Yep! Only 5) Your customer is likely to keep dialing - likely to ring other local businesses!

Estimate How Much Missed Calls Are Costing Your Business

For many local businesses each missed call that could have been new business can cost

hundreds or even thousands in lost revenue.

This calculator can estimate how much business you're missing.

Missed Call Text Back will engage with your customers & show you care enough to text them back - immediately!

And every missed call is logged on your own system - making it super simple to keep track of all incoming calls & messages.

Google Ranks You Higher When You Have More 5-Star Reviews

Get More

5-Star Reviews

Google rewards businesses with more 5-Star Reviews.


Google ranks these businesses higher - meaning you're more likely to be found on Page 1 of Google.

There's another thing Google rewards more than reviews.

And that's when businesses respond to more reviews.

Get more 5-star reviews, then respond to these reviews and...

Your local business will be easier to find on Google.


Even simpler when we help you automate this system.

For Help Getting More 5-Star Reviews

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Enable Your Clients To Contact You While They're Visiting Your Website

What's an AI Webchat Widget?

And Why Do I Need One?

Question: When do customers visit your website?

Answer: Any time, day or night, 24/7/365 & a 1/4 (That 1/4 is important)

You cannot be on call every hour on the clock,

But our AI (Artificial Intelligence) webchat widget is always waiting for your website visitors.

And every time your visitors have a question, and they click the link, we start an online conversation with your website visitors.
If necessary, the AI Widget can then move from your website to a text message conversation.
Book appointments, answer FAQs, Book Sales Calls and more

It's another great way of looking after your customers.

To Get Your Own Webchat Widget

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It's made really simple for you to...

Get More Booked Appointments

Without you or your staff making calls...Even while you sleep!

  • A.I. - Assisted, Automated Booked Appointments

  • The Customer Books The Appointment On Your Calendar

  • You Don't Speak To The Customers Until The Appointment

  • You Do (Almost) Nothing To Book The Appointment

  • It Really Is Awesome - Watching Your Calendar Fill Like Magic!

For More Booked Appointments

Click to Text, To Learn How

Google Ranks You Higher When You Have a Google Business Profile

Why a Google Business Profile?

There are so many reasons for your local business to have a great Google Business Profile - here are just three...

  • Get found on Google.

  • Build credibility & trust

  • Engage & Interact with Customers

For Help With Your Google Business Profile

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Do You Need All These Tools?

No...but your business will be better if you have at least some of these tools - even better if you use them all.

Local Business Profits' tools can help you build a profitable, efficient and more professional business.

With less work for you.

Less work for you because it's AI-Assisted and automated.

And these tools can work for any local business.

Plumbers, painters, concreters, roofers and all other trades.

Florists, coffee shops, hair salons and other local specialists.

All service businesses, such as carpet cleaners, lawn care, window cleaning - any local service.

Dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, audiologists and other medical related professionals can add these A.I. assisted tools to improve their businesses.


And Another Thing...

Do You Need a website?

If you don't have a website, or maybe your site's old or stale (or both!) we can help.

We can help without a huge upfront investment for your local business.

We can help with a website that's more than an online brochure.

We can help with a website that can include an online appointments calendar and a webchat widget and Quote Request forms and FAQs - as well as highlighting your local business.

Website features designed to communicate with your clients virtually.

Visitors to your website may have a question or might want to request a call, maybe book an appointment - all while they're on your website. We can help them do that.

We can install these features on your website, visitors can click on the widget and ask away!

And when this takes the visitor from a website visit to a text chat - it's AI-Assisted and automated for you.

Interested in One or Two of These A.I. Assisted Tools? Or All of Them?

Want To Learn More About Virtual Receptionists? Here's What To Do Next...

  • Simplest way - call or text 0483 952 700 - and ask for information.

  • OR, Go to our Bundles Page to learn more about how to get started.

  • Choose which tool or tools you believe will help your business. (Big Tip: All of these tools will help your business!)

  • Get started - take action. (Another Big Tip: Don't let your competitors get ahead of you on this.

  • A.I. assisted businesses have advantages that traditional businesses cannot compete with.

  • Even if you just start with one tool - get started today.


Capturing the attention of new or existing clients is key for local businesses.

Our service is designed to make it easier for you to do and NOT do what we do.


Once you have captured your clients' attention you now need to nurture them.

You know - you have to look after them!

Using A.I. assisted, automated systems allows you to concentrate on doing your thing, providing your service - and the system nurtures your people.


The best way to serve your customers is for you to focus on what you do best.

And let Local Business Profits look after your A.I. assisted, automated tools.


Do I have to be a techie? Do I need to learn new software?


No, you do not need to be a techie or have a technology background.

And, No!, you do not need to learn new software.

The idea is you do what you are great at - your trade, your service, your profession - and we focus on the A.I. assisted and automated systems for you.

This all sounds amazing...Is this expensive?

NO! Absolutely not. We keep your investment low because we want to see you get a great return, every month.

For many businesses, like plumbers or pressure cleaners or hair salon owners or physiotherapists just getting one or two more clients in a month, clients you might otherwise have missed, that's all it takes to cover your investment this A.I. assisted, automated service.

It's a monthly agreement - you pay monthly, as you go.

And there are no lock-in contracts.

Try this for a month or two - if you don't think it's working for you can opt out at any stage.

Can a Local Tradie Really Have Their Own Virtual Receptionist?

Just 12 months ago this would have seemed impossible - but Tradie Business Owners are catching on fast.

Automating many of these functions of business means you can concentrate on doing your thing.
Many local businesses operating out of an office or retail environment know answering incoming calls can be challenging - or Impossible!

Local Business Profits understands this.

You're up a ladder or on a roof when the phone rings.
You're operating machinery and the phone rings.

You're in the middle of finishing a complex task - and you receive, from a potential client, an incoming text message!

An A.I. Assisted Virtual Receptionist can handle all of, communicate almost immediately with incoming calls and text.

Can I Really Stay in Touch With my Clients, Even Book Appointments While I Sleep?

How amazing does that sound?

Wake up in the morning and there's more booked appointments in your calendar!

It's not only possible, the A.I. assisted, automated tools are designed to do just that - for your local business.

Book appointments, text clients, get reviews, text back immediately to any missed calls, chat with visitors to your website 24/7/365 (& a quarter).

Can I get help setting up my Google Business Profile?

More and more local businesses are beginning to understand the value of a great Google Business Profile. Getting your website ranked higher on Google can be very complex - that's why there are people who specialise 100% on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

A great Google Business Profile can help your own business get found on Google, rank higher on Google - it's also a great way to engage with potential clients, to build trust and give your clients another way of contacting you. And this works 24/7/365 (& a quarter).

Why use the Missed Call Text Back system?

Every business misses incoming calls. And every business knows these missed calls can cost their business a lot! When clients call a local business and their call isn't answered they are more likely now than ever to simply call the next similar business.

Even if you have an answering service, fewer potential clients are leaving messages.

But text messaging is more popular than ever before.

People seem to prefer to text than talk.

Our Missed Call Text Back feature is designed to tackle all three things - the missed call, the reluctance to leave a voice message and preference to text rather than talk.

And it's A.I.-assisted and automated - and awesome!

Can we contact past clients for Google Reviews?

Many local businesses aren't aware of the importance of 5-star Google reviews. That means many local business owners do not make it part of their own practice to Ask For 5-Star Google Reviews. So, yes you can ask past clients - preferably recent past clients - if they will provide a Google review. Local Business Profits can help here - with our automated system - you have enough to do, already.

Can I really do 'almost nothing' and still get booked appointments?

Yes! All you need is an existing client list (data base) with mobile numbers. You supply the database and your availability, and we'll set up the campaign to fill your booked appointment calendar for your local business.

In almost every case, with this A.I.-assisted, automated system you or your staff won't need to speak with your clients until they turn up for their appointment.

Importantly, we're not talking about leads for your business - we're talking about booked appointments.


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